Zoe's approval

"Bob is worth his weight in gold, to learn so much in such a short space of time was amazing"

Zoe on Roelof Jan 

It so easy when you know how. No knitting here :-)


Everyday more people are discovering the beauty of our inland waterways and taking to the water. This is great and lots of fun but as with everything there is a safe right way of doing something and a wrong way which in the worst case can be fatal. You wouldn't expect a novice to get in a car and go for a drive without any training would you?


That is where I can help. 

I offer Boat handling training courses to suit all levels and ages. I can also include our person centered bespoke section on supporting people with disabilities.


On our boat handling courses you will learn about: 


  • How to handle your boat single handed or as a team safely.

  • What checks should you do before setting off

  • How to work out your trip plan

  • Whats a weed hatch?

  • What actions should you take when you've got a dead boat in midstream?

  • Dealing with a fire onboard

  • Should you worry if you go aground?

  • Why is a lock like a bath?

  • Rope work explained

  • Do sky hooks really exist?

  • Find out what a stern gland is and what it does.

  • Man overboard and Medivac protocol

  • And so much more

My courses are priced at £150 per day plus my travel costs to and from you, this covers 1-3 people for a full day. If you don't own or have access to a boat I can offer you advice on where you can hire a suitable vessel from a local boat hire company to your location. The boat hire costs are not included in my training price but my advice is free. I offer one day courses and 2 day  courses depending on your requirements. I have worked with people who have disabilities and have extensive knowledge on how they can enjoy our beautiful waterways safely. Once your training time with me has finished you can always give me a call if you come up on something new. For more details on my full training and supporting courses  and pricing please 



Mychelle takes to the water on Caraway and brings her down to London Solo.

Mychelle going Solo

I’ve been meaning to write a review/recommendation now for months… and I’ve been meaning to, but wanted to make sure that I had a enough time to really give Bob his due.

Bob is a fantastic teacher! He has a ton of life experience, and with that comes emotional intelligence. He knew instinctively, exactly how best I would learn things; first showing, then coaching, and then staying close but letting me do things on my own. I was doing locks on my own the first day out. His teaching style was so gentle, and yet very firm on safety, it provided the perfect environment to garner confidence.

After 2.5 days tuition, I felt confident in handling the boat, going through locks, and performing general engine safety checks on my own. I confidently took my narrowboat from the top of the Hatton locks down to London solo. No problems at all.

Additionally, along with being a great teacher, he is the only person with whom I trust my boat/home implicitly (aside from my boat engineer – who’s known her for 20 years).

He is a quick-thinking problem-solver (MacGyver-like) that gives great care in how he handles my boat, never a scape, taking things gently, as if it were his own boat. I feel very confident that if any issues arose, he’d make the best decision with regards to safety and taking care of my boat.

And the icing on the cake, is that Bob is absolutely a unique character with tons of stories, canal history, and old timey boatie tricks.
He’s a bargain at any price, because he’s priceless!
THANKS Bob, you’re the best!

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Zoe legging lock gates like a pro
Rope work is so important, It makes boating easy :-)
From novice to confidently taking it through one of the busiest waterways in no time flat