Boat Relocation 

I can relocate your boat anywhere on the UK's inland waterways providing it can fit through the locks of course. 


I believe boats should be moved in the fashion they were designed for, by water. Two bonuses here are you have no need to organise a crane or low loader so saving on your boat's relocation costs.


You will be in direct contact with me at all times during the relocation with daily updates on progress as standard.


Crystal clear pricing plan so there's no nasty surprises to worry about.


I use the UK's number one independent site to plan the relocation trip times in days and then multiply this with the cost of the craft and travel costs to and from the job for the crew. It's that simple. No hidden extras.


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Training For ALL ​


I offer training days and weekends in boating skills for all levels from a novice who has just purchased a boat, to an experienced boater who wants to learn new skills.


I hold a NCBA trainers certificate along with a NCBA Train The Trainers Certificate and have been training people of all ages and abilities boating skills for over a decade now.








Disability awareness

I have extensive experience working with people facing the challenge of disability, along with their carers both voluntary and professionally and with the right training and information there is no reason why the waterways should be out of bounds for anyone.

Yes, a blind lady can helm a 30 tonne boat with the right support. "The look of pure joy on her face was amazing". If there's a way of achieving something we will find it.

This is all part of the service as each training course is personally tailored to the persons needs. Equality through out for everyone. To see what Paul a D.A.R.T's (Disabled Afloat Riverboat Trust) Trustee had to say about me please 


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What Can We Expect From Each Other?


What you can expect from me?

  • My word is my bond and I will stick to the price we agree on.

  • The price we quote is the price you'll pay. Unforeseen costs like emergency waterways stoppages and boat breakdowns to be dealt with if they arise through direct contact with myself and you.  

  • I will look after your boat and keep it clean and tidy.

  • Daily progress reports and direct contact with me during the relocation

  • A service you would happily use again or recommend to friends


What I can expect from you?

  • Your boat is fit for the journey

  • has a current licence, insurance and safety certificate 

  • is equipped with the large tools like a boat pole and hook for non tidal waterways along with  an anchor and chain for river and tidal waterways relocations as these are to large for me to travel with.


I ask for a running float to cover trip cost like fuel and gas. Any unspent cash will be refunded to you in cash at the end of the trip and I will provided receipts for all expenses incurred.