So how much?


Below are basic rates per day for each service I provide. The way I calculate a quote is Service type multiplied by number of days plus costs of staff travel, between locations.  That's it! No hidden nasty charges. I will fix a price with you, and I will stick to it.


Other costs outside our quote


Sometimes unforeseen emergency waterways stoppages or boat problems may affect the journey but you will always be fully informed of the situation. I will obviously do my utmost to avoid such situations but if the trip does have it's hitches I will always try and work something out. You will always be aware of what is going on and I will endeavour to finish the trip as swiftly as possible.

Some waterways en route may have restrictions/mooring fee's or require separate licences. I will deal with these as they arise and these costs are  to be met by the client. Receipts are provided throughout. To cater for these costs I ask for a boat running float which is explained below.


Boat running float


The running float  takes care of such costs as above along with fuel, gas and any pump outs that may be needed. The size of the float depends on the length and route of the relocation. Any monies used out of this float will be covered with a receipt and any remaining money will be handed back to you in cash along with the receipts to cover the expenditures at the end of the relocation.


That's it!- No small print.


Just crystal clear pricing




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